12 Best Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom​

12 Best Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom​

Even though the bedrooms are primarily for sleeping, they need not to be dark all the time. They can have a combination of both portable and installed lighting in order to provide illumination for different tasks. Here are 12 lighting ideas for your bedroom's light.

Convenient Elegance
You simply can’t go wrong with any decorative lamps when it comes to incorporating convenience and elegance, such as the bamboo lamps create an interesting glow throughout the space, and add plenty of light to the entire space. They also add plenty of décor into the space.

Contemporary Alternative
The contemporary bedroom can feature plenty of alternatives to light up the space. Although the tiny decorative lamps still cast a mellow, yellow glow throughout the space, the natural light from the living space can make the loft-like bedroom glow from the bottom up.

Bright Whites
The brightly lit bedroom features the plenty of brightness that is white lights. If the color of the walls is sheer white, the bedroom just seems to glow by creating a truly bright space.

Modern Charm
Both charming and intriguing can be integrated into a bedroom which seems to open up the space with just enough decorative elements since most modern décor features plenty of minimalistic features with great light play.

Recessed Fixtures
Like any other room, you have to provide enough light for dressing while the tone is kept warm and relaxing. You can control recessed lighting fixtures by a dimmer that gives you the ability to dial up the light while getting ready on a cloudy morning.

Wall sconces beside of the bed are for nighttime reading. The sconce height is usually 6 feet; adjust the height if the ceiling is higher than average or the bed is lower to the ground.

Rope Lighting
Bedrooms are relaxation space where properly placed rope lighting can play a big role in creating the right mood. A warm and welcoming glow can be produced by running rope lighting on the underside of a bed frame or the back of a headboard.

Standing Lamps
It is an excellent choice for a bedroom reading nook. They offer design flexibility as well.

Neon Bedroom Lights
The neon wall sculpture near the platform bed, dressed with white linens, lights up this minimal apartment. The circa-1960 bedside tables and the walls sheathed in a Marmorino wall finish go really well in the overall décor.

Gilded Tree Lamp
A branch-inspired golden tree lamp is used to highlight the antique style of this bedroom, uniting traditional style with a modern twist.

Flat Ceiling Lamp
In this apartment, a luxurious bedroom comes to life with a gilded ceiling, which is illuminated by a stone lamp in the center such that flat design of the lamp provides an understated accent to put the focus on the gold.

Art Deco Lighting
Tucked into a tidy alcove, the art deco lighting, the custom bed, the houndstooth pillows, and the 1950s sconces all support the artistic sense of the bedroom.



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