How To Light Your House the Right Way​

How To Light Your House the Right Way​

It might be a design cliché, but good lighting truly is everything. Lighting affects the ambiance and mood of a space — get it right and the whole look of your interiors will improve. These are top 9 tips and considerations for creating a well-lighted home.

1. Plan it out.
Consider your lighting preferences during the initial design phase of a new build or renovation. For example, if you want three pendant lights over your dining table instead of one or two, that should be taken into account before construction starts.

2. Consider ceiling height.
Knowing your ceiling height is important when selecting hanging light fixtures. Some lights come with adjustable cables or rods, but others do not. Do not get stuck with a light that hangs too low or too high.

3. Table hopping.
When hanging a light over a table or a kitchen island, 28 to 34 inches is the recommended distance from the bottom of the light to the surface of the table or island. However, the size of the light makes a difference. In general, a smaller light can be moved lower and a larger light can be moved higher.

4. Turn it up.
Do not limit lighting to downlights. Depending on the location, consider wall sconces or uplighting to create a softer ambiance and avoid potentially harsh downlighting that can cast ominous shadows.

5. Let the lighting be a decoration.
Aside from the light that they emit, lightings can also be an added decoration to your home. Choose well. Make sure that it will suit your interior and will enhance the entire look of the living room. There are many designs of lightings which you can choose from. They even come in different colours.

6. Know your glow.
The light fixture should not be your only consideration — the type of lightbulb is equally important. Halogen, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs come in a range of warm or cool hues. Much like the colour of your walls, the type of glow you want is mostly a personal decision.

7. Light up those stairs.
Adding lights to stair risers is beneficial since it can be hazardous negotiating stairs, especially at night. Staircases are often enclosed, so light them from the sides or embed lights in the risers as a design element.

8. Give a spotlight.
If you want to light a particular artwork, then use track lighting and accent lights that would drive one’s attention towards it. You can do this for wall paintings, sculptures and others. It will surely add a different aura to your home while giving emphasis to your valuable stuff.

9. Use natural light during the day.
It does not mean that you will be using artificial lighting all the time. It is better to use natural light during the day. Draw your curtains to allow light to get in your living room. Or you can use thinner curtains or even blinds in order to do that. Others place skylights in their living room.

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