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Does Lighting Boost Retail Sales​

Intuition and proof are very different things. Does it make sense that a well-designed store will achieve higher sales than a tired interior? Of course. If that store is appropriately and interestingly illuminated, then it also makes sense that the store will bolster sales and attract more repeat visits.

When setting up your retail store, there are a lot of questions to answer: how to best display your products, where certain products should go, how the general layout of your store should look, and much more.

But what about lighting design? While lighting may be an afterthought for many retailers who are just starting out, retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance. So, how can you leverage your lighting design to bolster your bottom line? Let’s take a look at how you can create a lighting strategy that will work for your store and your products.

Welcoming Customers: How to Create an Atmosphere
How people feel when they enter your store can affect their mood, as well as how they perceive your brand and products. To decide what kind of atmosphere you want your lighting to create, think about how you want customers to feel when they walk in your store. Warm, soft lighting can make people feel relaxed and comfortable, while brighter lighting helps customers see products more clearly.

Finding Your Fixtures
One way to create an atmosphere with your lighting strategy is through the light fixtures that you use. Select vintage fixtures, chandeliers, or dome lighting to create a more intimate feel, versus recess, track lighting, or suspended fixtures to help create more of a professional atmosphere. Break up your space with a mixture of light fixtures in different parts of your store, like the entrance versus the changing rooms. Regardless of the fixtures you choose, match your lighting strategy to your brand identity and product offerings.

Choose a Temperature
One of the ways that you can create an inviting atmosphere in your store is by using a warm or cool temperature of lighting — there are benefits to both color schemes. Cool color temperatures such as cool white make areas appear more spacious whereas warm color temperatures create an impression of smallness and familiarity. So, if you have a small store that you’re trying to make feel larger, consider using cool lighting. Or, if you are trying to invoke a sense of familiarity or nostalgia in your store then you’ll want to use warmer-toned lighting.

Get creative
You may need to try different types of lights in your store to see what best suits the environment that you’ve created, as well as what shows off your products in the best light. Retailers are increasingly looking to differentiate their stores and become more creative and provide experiences to retain or win new custom. Most have bars, cinemas, restaurants as well as shops. They take an architectural approach to the whole design and you cannot say lighting does not play a vital role in bringing the design together.​

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